Dress Making


We have trained in all aspects of garment construction and we can create everything from a three piece suit to a multi-layered wedding gown and everything inbetween.

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Our couture serivce offers customers the chance to have a garment of the highest quality cut and constructed for their exact body shape. There are many differences between couture and made to measure, the care and attention exacted on a couture piece makes the price difference worthwhile. A made to measure piece is cut from a 'block' pattern - that is a pre-existing pattern which is then altered to the customers' measurements. A couture garment is cut from a pattern which is created especially for the customer - to their exact measurements which produces a better fit. There are further differences such as much more handsewing and sculpuring goes into couture garments than made to measure and the raw materials such as chest canvas are different - a made to measure jacket may have fusable interlining but a couture jacket will have a hand pad stitched canvas which is stretched and curved to fit the customer's own shape.

To further discuss the benefits of couture or to talk through your design ideas or personal requirements, please get in touch



We have a selection of fabrics at the shop from Liberty print cottons to British made wools in a variety of weights as well as a wide selection of lining fabrics. Our Holland and Sherry sample books hold the highest quality fabrics; here you will find a range of 100% wools for your perfect suit to cottons and linens for summer attire.

We also have some sample folders containing everything from chiffon to tulle and velvet to satin in a wide range of colours so please come and browse through; you can be sure to find the perfect colour and weight for your garment. We also have a large sample file of 100% silks in weights ranging between habutai to duchess plus more economical polysatins.

Alternatively, if you have found fabric elsewhere, we will be happy to make your garment out of that also.

Our selection of Manx Tweeds are available to buy through mail order; please click here to view the range. The single width tweeds (75cm wide) are currently £12.50 per metre and the double width tweeds (150cm wide) are £25 per metre.

Prom Dresses


Claire Boswell Tailoring and Design are now offering a prom dress service! We promise not to make the same dress twice so you can be sure of having a unique outfit! There will be no-one else with the same dress as you since yours will be a new design, customised to your specifications and with your personal choice of fabrics. So if you have design ideas for your dress, (no matter how vague these may be!) please come to the shop for a chat to discuss your thoughts. Even bring a photo or drawing if you have seen one in a magazine or on-line. Together we will come up with the perfect evening dress which is tailored to your exact measurements and design, please see the evening dress guide for a price break down.

Made to Measure


Our made to measure serivce is for customers who love the idea of having clothes made for them but have a smaller budget than couture customers. You can discuss design ideas, fabrics and finishes with Claire to make sure your garment is exactly what you want. Part of the made to measure process is also to have a series of fittings so your custom garment will not only be made to your specifications but also flatter and fit your figure perfectly.

This service is both for women who have had many bespoke garments and first timers. If you have never had a custom made garment before and are slightly apprehensive, please get in touch. We can talk you through the process and try to dispell any concerns you may have. It is difficult to give an exact price estimate as each garment varies greatly in the complexity of style amount of fabric and trimmings but for rough price regions, please see our Pricing Guide. To discuss ideas, please contact Claire via e-mail or phone or just pop into the studio any time

Pricing Guide


This is a rough guide as to the price of our made to measure garments. The price varies considerably due to factors such as fabric eg cotton for a dress can be £8 per metre but silk could be £30 per metre. The design of the garment will also affect the price since a complicated style will take longer to sew and make adjustments to in the fitting sessions. The pattern will also take longer to create and alter.

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